My Emerald Picks Review – Is It Worth It?

After getting so many comments and requests from readers to do a review of Emerald Picks I decided to finally try them out and write a detailed review of the popular trade alert service.

If you don’t know it, Emerald Picks is a stock pick service and newsletter. They are a team of traders from New York that basically send an alert whenever the buy/sell a stock.

They trade a few times per week usually stocks under $10 and keep trades open for a few days/weeks at a time.

Since launching last year it has gained a lot of followers. I decided to join the service and got an account last July. I paid $1,188 for a yearly account which is not cheap but on par with similar services.

According to their site they are bringing out reaaally good stock picks and turned $900 into almost a million bucks.

So here’s what I like, love and hate about EMERALD PICKS.

Before I jump into my review let me get this one out of the way. This post includes my opinion of Emerald Picks and that’s it. I don’t represent them nor am I getting in any way paid by them. I’m not an affiliate and I won’t make a dime if you decide to join them or not. Also, this is my own experience with the service and of course I can’t speak for other members. Good? Alright, let’s get on with it!

The first impressions

Joining Emerald was really easy and straightforward. Their pricing is clear, the checkout process took less than 2 mins and my account was up and running within 5 mins. I got a welcome email explaining how the service works and wishing me good luck. Great, so far so good.

The members area although basic it provides everything I need.

Since this is a trade alert service all the value is delivered via email and SMS alerts so I didn’t spend much time on their site.

The alerts

Let’s get to the exciting part (and the reason I paid $1200 bucks ehem..). The trade alerts!

Taking a quick look on their trade history which they publish on their site (something 90% of similar service don’t do by the way) you can see that they have a pretty good track record… or so they claim!

Always the skeptic, I went into the service not believing a thing. They look good on paper (or on a sales page!) but will their promises of 82% (!) win rates and easy money trading stocks be kept?

It remained to be seen…

So I began getting trade alerts late July 2018.

What I absolutely loved was that they kept everything super brief and to the point. They give you the alert, they give you the price they got in, the stop loss and take profit and THAT’S IT.

That’s all you need to know to be honest if your sole purpose is to follow trade alerts? I’ve tried a load of other services that blab on and on about this and that (mostly to distract you from the fact that they are not making any real money).

Not Emerald Picks, they give you what you need and that’s it!

Here’s how a typical alert looks like.

See how beautifully simple that is? It gives me all the information I need in 20 seconds.

As soon as I receive an alert from them I place the trade on my Robinhood account.

The results

Let’s fast forward to today.

So what did 7 months and $1,200 buy me?

Quite a lot actually.

Since July 25 I received 47 trade alerts of which 37 were winners. An incredible 78% win rate.

Emerald Picks kept their promises and delivered stellar stock picks that actually made money. I grew my account aggressively over the past 7 months. More than any other service I’ve tried.

I recouped my $1,2k investment within the first 2 weeks and started profiting since then.

Whenever I had questions their support team always replied back within 1-2 days and they were always super helpful and nice.


Should you sign up for their trade alerts? YES!

It’s the most profitable stock picking service I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried literally all of them. After trying to become a trader on my own, I realized I suck at it. I just didn’t have the patience or concentration I needed to be profitable.

Trading successfully is no easy feat and let’s face it, most people who try it lose big. Why? Because it’s hard! If it was easy everyone would do it.

With Emerald, I have a way of trading like pro without actually being a pro. I’m literally copying what the pros are doing.

Will you become a millionaire trading their stocks? I don’t know, probably not but why not. It really depends on how consistent you are with your trading and how big your capital is.

I started trading their alerts with $1,500 and grew to $28,938 in 7 months. Far from a millionaire but that’s still a huge increase.

Overall, trading with Emerald Picks has been great for me and I’m planning stay with them for a very long time.

I hope sharing my experience has helped you decide whether or not you want to give them a try. If you do, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!
– Rex

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